Install Details: La Jolla

It’s all in the details…  they make me giddy and keep me energized during the design process.  Last week we had a whole home install in La Jolla, and I could not resist sharing a few detail shots.

I was inspired by my client’s casual, yet chic, look.  She can effortlessly blend a clean, white, J. Crew tee with the perfect Prada shoes and statement necklace; the just-right combination of sophistication and ease.  I wanted her home to be a reflection of that style, while still standing up to her husband, 3 young boys, and puppy at the same time.  Think muted tones, but with depth and texture; a bit of glitz mixed with  flea market finds.  And we spent extra time painstakingly selecting the antique hardware to outfit the home.









AMD_G_LibIt is my passion to design projects specifically for the individual clients who will live in them.  I just love to peel back the layers as I get to know each person intimately.  I cannot help but feel as though I take on their personas, like I am channeling them as I source pieces for their homes.  This way, each project reflects the client’s personality.  Each client’s home tells a story that is uniquely their own.

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8 Responses to Install Details: La Jolla

  1. Lizziefitz says:

    Bravo !!! All gorgeous but I am pretty sure you were channeling me in that last photo ;))) it is stunning!!!! I want it!

  2. Bonnie Periale says:

    Oh, Amy! Those textures are so enticing- I want to touch EVERYTHING. And what a wonderful palate. Thank you for letting us see!

  3. Anne says:

    Gorgeous and nothing personalizes a home like bespoke or antique hardware

  4. Shalene says:

    Amy, I love it all! One question … Could you please, Please, PLEASE show me a few more images of that faux bois cane-back dining room chair? I purchased the same chairs from a vintage supplier, but mine are currently upholstered with cowhide. I don’t know anything about them (not even the manufacturer) and have tried to no avail to find something online (do you know anything about them?). The cowhide is worn in a few spots on several of the chairs, so I need to replace it, and I’m trying to decide whether to reupholster with a new cowhide or something else. Seeing what you’ve done with them has me swooning, and I would LOVE, LOVE to see a few more shots if you have them (email is shalene(at)shaleneroberts(dot)com! Or perhaps you could tell me how they’re upholstered? That seat cover with tie backs is gorgeous on them! That one image alone may convince me to do something similar! Thank you in advance!

  5. That lampshade is truly, truly stunning.

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  7. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these!!! All the texture and detail. Its got me so inspired this morning. Thank you!


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