Peanut’s Room Reveal!

What a month it’s been!  I’m exhausted – and very excited. As our little girl gets bigger and bigger, it gets harder to sit at my desk!  But there’s still so much I want to share before she arrives.  Today I’m revealing her finished nursery!

When KUSI called me in July about appearing on their morning show to talk about nurseries, let’s just say there was a lot of work yet to be done.  At that point, I had developed a general design concept, chosen paint colors and sourced the chandelier. That’s a far cry from a finished room, though.  I knew I had to kick it into high gear.

In a month’s time I managed to finalize the spatial plan, order the crib, draft sketches of the gliding chair and ottoman and have them made, source bookcases, and design window treatments.  Never in my life have I indulged in overnighting so much fabric.

But the truth is I didn’t do it alone. A three-week timeline is completely unrealistic for most projects.  Luckily my upholsterer and seamstress fast-tracked the work.  Thank goodness they pitched in and cranked out the work in no time.

And what a gorgeous job they did, too.  What makes a child’s room fun are the details, from the buttons on the chair to the bones of the window treatments.  The artisans I work with made each and every detail shine.

A nursery or kid’s room is a great place to allow yourself to be more playful than you might be in, say, a living room.  Think about layering more patterns than you might normally.

It’s a delicate balance between playful and juvenile, and a big part of that is the color palette.  Once you’ve settled on soothing tones, it’s time to have fun with different patterns, textures and tailoring techniques.

If you make sure to layer, the results will be far more interesting than the typical bedding-wall decal-window treatment trio seen in most nurseries.

Here is a link to the KUSI Good Morning San Diego Spot

I’m breathing a sigh of relief that our peanut’s room is ready and waiting for her.  Actually we are all waiting for her – just two and a half weeks and counting!

In the meantime I’ll break some of the design details in separate posts. Keep an eye out for posts on designing one-of-a-kind gliding chairs, displaying child-appropriate art, and creating bookshelves that go way beyond basic white and tie in with the room design on every level.

Til next time – assuming I can still fit behind my desk!

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42 Responses to Peanut’s Room Reveal!

  1. AMY! It is just lovely, what a cozy room to bring home a new baby. You are so right the little details and layering can take any room to a wow factor. The wall decor is one of my favorite parts of your room, so sweet. Hope you have some time to relax before she arrives!

  2. Cassandra says:

    Amy – I love this! It’s so cozy and just beautiful. I love the peanut’s room! Congrats on finishing it so quickly. She is going to love it, too. Can’t wait to meet her in person!

  3. Amy, it’s just beautiful. I love what you’ve said, and shown us here, about layering. It’s obvious a lot of thought and work went into this space. She’s one lucky little girl!

  4. Jennifer says:

    this is BEAUTIFUL! I know Peanut will love it!

  5. Ana says:

    This is room is so pretty, perfect for a sweet little girl!

  6. Cathy Wall says:

    What a lovely welcome for your little “peanut” perfectly detailed and layered! Love the “tabs” on the curtains as well as the rocker and how fun that the inspiration came from the handmade quilt.


  7. Amy, it is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Oh it is so gorgeous! Little girls rooms are so fun!


  9. Meg says:

    Amy, I’ve been a lurker for a loong time! As a fellow designer and mum to be I just loved this reveal! I’m obsessed w/ your drape fabric! What is it?! Sooo precious! Job well done!

    x M

  10. It looks so great! Best of luck as you enjoy these last couple of weeks of ‘you’ time as you prepare for your sweet miracle!

  11. Jenn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I expected nothing less. Many blessings!

  12. Steph. says:

    It’s just beautiful. I have to admit that when I saw your fabrics, I could not figure out exactly how they would all go together but you had an awesome vision! Love Shel Silverstein too! XO

  13. Tessa says:

    it is perfect in every way!! well, almost every way, once your little babe is sleeping in there then it will be perfect! best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!!

  14. Anna says:

    Such a gorgeous gorgeous nursery. I love the little bows along the top of the curtains.

  15. Robynne says:

    This room is gorgeous! Something your little girl will treasure for years!!

    Question: are those Shel Silverstein poems in those frames?! Clever idea if they are! Those were my favorite as a child!

  16. EMily says:

    It’s perfection Amy! So, so lovely. Just be careful with that fiddle-leaf fig…parts of it are toxic to pets and people if ingested…and kids love to put everything in their mouths!

  17. Karen says:

    The room is so wonderful. I love the painted ceiling and the gallery of wall art. I will look forward to details. When was the interview, you look so trim in the picture…hardly pregnant. Take care and allow yourself plenty of rest, how exciting, a new baby girl!

  18. summer says:

    how lovely the room is! your baby is so lucky to have you.

  19. Kristen says:

    Would love to know where you found the crib? The finish is gorgeous!

  20. paula says:

    It’s stunning! She will absolutely adore growing up in here. I know my 6 year old would even be head over heels for this room.

  21. Jenny says:

    Amy, it looks absolutely beautiful! Although, I would never expect anything less from one of the most talented women I know! She is one lucky little peanut to be spending her first days on this earth in such a cozy and beautiful space! Have I happened to mention how talented and tasteful you are??

  22. bink and boo says:

    Excuse my while I pick my jaw up off the floor. (long pause). This room is gorgeous! Your little peanut is one lucky little lady to have you as a mother (for many lovely reasons), but super lucky to be nesting in such a beautiful room designed just for her. I am squealing with delight over the bow detail on the curtains.

    Another beautifully brilliant Amy Meier design!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Catelyn took one look & said, ‘I’d like that to be MY room!’. If her reaction is any indication, you’re good to go till Peanut is at least 9 (assuming, of course, that YOU aren’t itching to redo it before that time). You have a such a gift!

  24. Amy! I cannot get over those bows on the curtains! Every little thing is absolutely perfect! So happy and excited for you and your family.


  25. Mandy says:

    Just perfect! Love the details, what a sweet room. Very exciting time, cannot wait to meet her!

  26. Carmel says:

    Every detail is just perfect! So much good stuff it’s hard to find a favorite in there!

  27. Carlene says:

    I so adore Peanut’s room. I have so many words to the positive I can’t put them down. I am just speechless & for me that is rare. Carlene

  28. Congratulations! This is absolutely beautiful!

  29. Erin says:

    Oh I remember so clearly getting stuck in a student-sized desk while teaching 7th grade English at about 8 1/2 months pregnant. Hang in there! That aside, Amy, your little girl’s nursery is simply stunning. I am especially in love with the buffalo plaid chair, but really, how the whole room has different elements that still work so cohesively. What a lucky baby she will be. Best of luck to you in the coming weeks and months ahead!

  30. Jadyn says:

    It really is a gorgeous gorgeous room. I love all the bows and the combination of fabrics. Good luck with the last few weeks!

  31. Marcy says:

    Love this room! So many special details – and the colors are beautiful. The check chair in the corner just draws me in! I featured your blog today at Can’t wait to see ‘lil peanut!

  32. Lauren Liess says:

    Amy it’s just perfect!!! Eeeek I love it!!!! Huge hug and good luck!!

  33. Claudia says:

    Oh how wonderful! What a beautiful room! One of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen – in fact, I just browsed through your work and your aesthetic is absolutely amazing! In a world where everybody follows trends and every designer’s work is a variation of the next, it is a breath of fresh air to see work like yours! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  34. Amy- What a lovely space. Your little one is so blessed! The bedding is so wonderful and that rocking bear – oh my!


  35. Lisa Price says:

    I absolutely love the use of the Shel Silverstein poems at framed prints!! What a great way to decorate and would be great for them to move on to an older childs room for learning!

  36. Wow Amy! There’s so much to love in your little Peanut’s nursery. One can learn tons from your sharp eye and attention to detail. Had a “clutch my pearls” moment when I saw the ties on the drapery. *gasp* You have an amazing design team that really make your dreams come to fruition. Lovely.

  37. rachel says:

    Wow! I can’t decide if the drapes or ottoman are my favorite – or maybe the little dresser and lamp… It looks fabulous!

  38. This room is so beautiful!!! You have totally inspired me! I have featured you this week in my Friday I’m In Love favorites!!

    – Jenn @ Social Salutations

  39. Lauren Sagmiller says:

    I stumbled upon your website through Pinterest. What a treasure! The fabric for the window treatments is absolutely gorgeous! Would you mind sharing where you got it from?

  40. Carolyn says:

    I love the curtain tabs…I am a DYIer and would love to make this for my sunroom….Do you have directions? The room is beautiful:)

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  42. Dream Mom says:

    I love this room! The colors are so beautiful, the styling is spot on. One of my favorite nurseries ever!

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