Behind the Scenes: country living photo shoot

Whew, last week was quite the week!  Just after the install in La Jolla, I jumped on a plane to New England to meet the crew from Country Living Magazine.  Over a three day period, we shot a home I designed in Rockport, MA.  Every magazine has its own unique process, and so no two shoots are the same.   And I am always in awe of the creative process that transpires.

To get a home primed and ready for its shinning moment, it takes more than just flowers…  a little extra “pizzazz” to make it come alive in print.  As each magazine has a different readership with its own identity,  the crew tweaks the design so that it resonates with the intended audience .  Props, like a classic vessel for the flowers, a colorful throw, or antique linens , are added to complete the scenes.  And while the rooms can look effortless , the process of shooting each room can become a touch, dare I say, tedious.   A single shot can take hours, with many many small edits to get everything reading right on film and, most importantly, to get it to feeling like the aspirations of their reader.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the day…

My clients baby was the real star of the shoot!

I hope you all enjoyed the peek inside!

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6 Responses to Behind the Scenes: country living photo shoot

  1. diane says:

    Just shot an episode of My first home for TLC and was surprised that for 20 minutes of on air time we shot for 6 days but wasnt aware that a photo shoot also entailed all of that. Cant wait to see the magazine layout and the baby…gorgeous!

  2. Mary B says:

    looking effortless takes a lot of effort for sure! and that baby of yours sure is sweet.

  3. Amy– What a precious child! Love the behind the scenes shots. A magazine shot in my front yard at my old house once, and it was magic to watch.

    Can’t wait to see the charming issue!


  4. sara morgan says:

    It took all day for a TV commercial to be shot at our home in Wilmette years ago. I know what you mean! We are following your successful career!

  5. Stephanie L says:

    Amy-Do you know yet what month the article will appear? Would love to pick up a copy…

  6. The little window into your shoot and day is so intriguing. I’m amazed at how much magic and tweaking it must take to enhance an already beautiful space. Can’t wait to see the issue and your work. Rockport is one of my favorite New England towns.

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