Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine: thank you

This is one of those moments in my career that I will never forget.   So many artists I adore and look up to, like Kathryn Ireland and Lars Bolander, have graced these pages and I could not be more honored.  Thank you so very much to Luxe Magazine for featuring me as a Style Maker.

Luxe Interiors + Magazine

Portrait by Eric Stoner

Interior Photograph by Michael J Lee


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7 Responses to Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine: thank you

  1. Amy,
    Congratulations! I’m not usually a huge fan of orange, but this year I’ve seen so many great examples, this room included. Wow!

  2. Congratulations Amy!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the thought… “this girl is going to be BIG…. really big!” You are an amazing talent and so happy for you to get this recognition.
    all my best,

  3. catherine says:

    congratulations! such a great honor. but i have to say, i’m consumed by your dress. who makes it?? it’s gorgeous!

  4. Amy– That portrait is drop-dead gorgeous! A big congrats to you!


  5. Congrats… beautiful photo of you!

  6. Holly says:

    Congrats Amy and so well deserved. I enjoy following your work and have so much admiration for every detail that you goes into your projects.

  7. Congrats! You look gorgeous in that photo!

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