LCDQ Window 2016: Ellsworth Kelly

A few month’s ago I was asked to create a window for this year’s LCDQ Legends event around the theme for the week, “One of a Kind”.  I was both honored and excited to try something a bit different than last year, a bit less dramatic if you will. Ellsworth Kelly served as the perfect muse, as he is known for his simplicity of form. Specifically, I drew my inspiration from his Magnolia, 1966.

Ellsworth Kelly Magnolia

Simple, elegant, timeless… this piece was my jumping off point.   I chose the most glorious, custom, hand-painted magnolia wallpaper from Janet Yonaty; an antique brutalist chest and ribbon sconces from Cote Jardin Antiques; a plaster, Stephan Antonson mirror; an antique, hair-on-hide, Therian chair; and topped it all off with Peter Sheldon ceramics. The simple black and white color scheme helped focus the space on the individual forms, and the dynamic between the positive and negative spaces therein.







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