Project Update: Cardiff Spanish Colonial

Project:  Cardiff Spanish Colonial

Location: Cardiff, CA

This project truly is a labor of love; we have been meticulously redesigning this home from the inside out, for over three years.  And when I say inside out, I mean it: we are reshaping the architectural bones of the home, designing and decorating the interior, reworking the exterior facades with architect Kim Grant, and creating a completely new land and hard-scape.  Great things take time… and patience, and this extensive project has taken both to get the details right.

Spanish style homes really are about the details.  I believe they should be clean, almost utilitarian, while also being sculptural.  The keys are scale and balance, making the intricate and ornate look light and simple, but rich history and detail.  Ultimately, its about creating a space that feels lived in, organic, and a part of its environment.

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Fortunately, our clients and I share a love for Spanish tiles.  We both researched extensively to discover and select tiles that were both authentic and durable enough  to withstand a salt-water pool.  Form and function are often at odds in design, but with persistence, we can and do achieve both.

Ultimately, we chose Lascaux Tile; the craftsmanship is just stunning.  If you have ever worked with spanish tiles then you know that they often look like potato chips, bending different ways and curling at the edges.  To achieve a flat tile, the manufacture has to be meticulous in their craft, and then have the patience to let them dry properly. The added effort and time truly pays off.

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The construction is now in full swing, and we we are just weeks away from completion.  It has been wonderful to cultivate such a strong relationship with our clients over the past few years , and  it is extremely gratifying to see the final result coming together just as we had hoped.

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