Inspired By: Rose Cumming

I am always inspired by a great business women, especially when their business happens to be design; Barbara Barry and Charlotte Moss are two you may remember me blogging about.  Well, last week I attended an event with the regional manager of Dessin Fournir, at which I learned more about the woman behind the fabric designs I have used for so many years, Rose Cumming.

Rose Cumming arrived in New York City, from Australia, in 1917.  “I might become a decorator,” she said, ” But first, tell me what that is?”   Fearless, eccentric, she was known as a force to be reckoned with; and what she ultimately became was a pioneer in the interior design industry.  I was captivated hearing about her bold sales techniques, like when she spread a rug across 5th avenue, blocking the busy city traffic.  And when the client hemmed and hawed, she quickly rolled it back up and had it taken away, saying it was not for them, then.  And in the 1930′s, she revolutionized the retail world by lighting up her 5th avenue storefront at night.  What an idea!


At the height of this week’s hustle, I have found refuge in  her book, kicking back at night and letting her inspiration refuel me.  Her tenacity and sense of self is infectious, and I hope to apply that a bit to my life.  If you have a moment, I would highly recommend getting her book and reading it.




Her legend lives on in her fabric line with Dessin Fournir.

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