Inspired By: Paris in the Springtime

After 5,600 miles in the air, I found myself in Paris, without family, friends, or design cohorts.  Just me and the city.  I hadn’t been to city of lights since college, and this time around, my eye led me in a very different direction.   I spent most of my time gazing and the amazing building facades, the stunning spring foliage, and the antiques at the flea markets, oh the antiques.  I observed each detail, the structure and composition, the scale, the combination of materials…  how the window and door casing translated into the walls, how the base and the floor pattern convergence.  It was a wonderful combination of exhilarating and endurance, and  I was on a mission to pack in as much inspiration as possible. Come, take a stroll with me through Paris.

Photo Apr 01, 6 18 40 PM

Photo Apr 02, 1 37 34 PM

Photo Apr 02, 11 27 54 AM

Photo Apr 02, 8 32 30 AM

Photo Apr 02, 11 19 54 AM

Photo Apr 03, 1 02 43 PM


Photo Apr 03, 4 42 33 PM Photo Apr 03, 8 00 56 AM

Amymeierdesign_Paris_louve3Photo Apr 04, 1 20 36 PM


Photo Apr 05, 4 00 57 AM


Photo Apr 04, 8 26 41 AM



Have you been to Paris recently.  I would love to hear of your favorite spots!

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