AMD Storefront Gallery: Today 8.28.15

Do you smell the the cool, autumn air?  It might be wishful thinking, but I swear it is here. And maybe it’s that back to school buzz or just the anticipation of the changing season, but the turning of the page from summer to fall invigorates me.   It is time to kick it into high gear for the holidays! (Labor Day is a holiday.)

So on that note, may I present to you the goodies now for sale in our storefront gallery. Our new collection is inspired by the coming season.  Especially in Southern California, fall does not mean we say goodbye to the light and bright, but rather, we start introducing the softer, warmer shades of fall to the easy, breezy feeling of summer that we want to hold on to.   Like the moment when intense summer colors fade into softer versions of themselves, when leaves dry and gray, and once rigid grasses bend toward the earth, the gallery has become transformed into a softer version of itself, that maybe, just maybe reveals its underlying strengths.

Take the stunning Luc Leestemaker painting, for instance, that now anchors the gallery with its field of cream, mustard and cobalt. This magical piece is new for fall, and sets the tone for the gallery.  Below it rests an antique Swedish trundle day bed, upholstered in a Vervain fabric, juxtaposed by a pair of antique English arm chairs. I feel like there is a wonderful mix of old and new, like fall wildflowers and falling leaves, slowly revealing the rugged, robust trees that have grown over time  and will frame the landscape for generations to come.  Come inside and look around.










As I mentioned, all the items featured above and in our gallery are for sale.  We are currently developing a section of our website devoted to these and all pieces that we will feature in our storefront gallery.  Stay tuned.

As for now, please contact to inquire about our gallery pieces.

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